Mental health services available to young people up to 25 in Gloucestershire

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Mental Health Concern
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  • Get support from Cotswold Counselling (paid)

    Cotswold Counselling can help you understand what you're feeling and find ways to help yourself. For ages 18 and over. Call Cotswold Counselling on 01285 885 830 Appointments can be face-to-face, over Zoom or on the phone, from Monday to Friday, 9am to 8pm.

  • Get support for pregnancy-related issues from Footsteps Counselling & Care (free)

    Whether you're struggling with baby loss, infertility, postnatal depression or any other pregnancy-related challenge, Footsteps Counselling and Care is there to listen. You can refer yourself by calling 01452 308 618

  • Talk to the Gloucestershire Help and Health crisis team

    If you're finding it very difficult to cope and you need help quickly, speak to a local crisis team any time of day or night. For ages 11 and over. Call the Gloucestershire Help and Health crisis team on 0800 169 0398

  • Get one-to-one or group support for domestic or relationship abuse

    STREET works with young people experiencing abuse in a relationship or at home. For ages 13 to 19. If you're under 18, you'll need an adult to refer you. For example, a parent or carer, a health worker, teacher or social worker.

  • Take part in the 8-week Recovery Toolkit programme (free)

    An 8-week programme to support you if you've witnessed or experienced domestic abuse. The Recovery Toolkit uses a mix of tools to help you cope and recover from what you've been through. For ages 13 to 19.

  • Get counselling from the Listening Post (paid)

    Get help dealing with mental health challenges from Listening Post. For ages 18 and over. Call: - 01452 383 820 for Gloucester - 01242 256 060 for Cheltenham - 01453 750 123 for Stroud Counselling appointments may be face-to-face, on the phone or a video call, from Monday to Friday, 9am to 8pm.

  • Talk to Suzie Hope if a close family member is seriously ill (free)

    Suzie Hope is a team of trained professionals who are there to help if you need a listening ear. You can send a private message to chat by email, Facebook messenger, or on a video or audio call using Teams. For ages 11 to 25.

  • Take part in a ZAP online bullying workshop (free)

    ZAP is a 90 minute workshop which will help you manage bullying situations. ZAP will help you to grow your confidence and feel more resilient. For ages 9 to 16. Register for an upcoming workshop online.

  • Take an online cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) course (free)

    CBT can help you manage your problems by changing the way you think and behave. has a free, online course explaining how CBT works and how to put it into practice.

  • Join the Gay Glos youth group (free)

    Meet others who identify as LGBTQ+, or are questioning their gender identity. The group is a safe space to talk, make friends and build confidence. For ages 14-18. Call Gay Glos on 07903 472 899 The group meets every 2 weeks in the daytime on Saturday.