Mental health services available to young people up to 25 in Gloucestershire

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Mental Health Concern
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  • Speak to the Samaritans, any time of day or night (free)

    The Samaritans offers a safe, completely confidential place for you to talk any time you like. You can share as much or as little as you want to, about whatever’s getting to you. They won't judge you or tell you what to do, they'll simply listen. Call the Samaritans on 116 123.

  • Call or text the Support After Murder and Manslaughter (SAMM) helpline (free)

    If you've lost someone you love to murder or manslaughter, the SAMM team can support you. They'll listen to how you're feeling, and help you think about ways to cope. For ages 18 and over. Call 0121 472 2912 or text 07342 888570.

  • Speak to a school counsellor (free)

    Some schools offer free counselling to pupils who need it. A teacher, receptionist or school nurse will be able to tell you if your school has a school counsellor.

  • Speak to a school nurse (free)

    Some schools have a weekly drop-in session with a school nurse, where you can talk to them about any issues you have. Talk to a teacher or a receptionist to find out if your school has a nurse you can see.

  • Get support for self-harm from Self-Harmony counselling (paid)

    If you're struggling with self-harm, you can talk to a counsellor one-to-one, in a confidential and safe space. They'll listen without judging you, and help you work out ways to manage how you're feeling.

  • Text SignHealth crisis support for Deaf people (free)

    A text service you can use if you're finding it very hard to cope and you need someone to talk to now. A trained volunteer will help you sort through your feelings, until you feel more calm and safe. Text DEAF to 85258.

  • Get support from SignHealth's psychological therapy service for Deaf people (free)

    All SignHealth therapists are Deaf, or hearing and fluent in British Sign Language, and can see you in person or on a video call. For ages 18 and over. Find out more and refer yourself online.

  • Find support through the Community Wellbeing Service (free)

    If you're not sure where to look for support, they'll help you find options. They'll connect you to groups, activities and other wellbeing and mental health support in your area. For ages 16 and over. Call the Community Wellbeing Service on 0300 365 6463.

  • Grief Encounter provides specialist bereavement support for children and young people (free)

    Grief Encounter can help you make sense of how you're feeling and find ways to cope. If you're 14 or over, you can refer yourself online. If you're younger, you'll need a teacher, parent or health worker to refer you.

  • Join a Storms weekly group walk (free)

    Walk with others if you've been bereaved by suicide, if you're struggling or want to speak with others going through similar experiences. Walks last about an hour and are child and dog friendly. Each walk is in a different place. If you're under 18, you'll need an adult to go with you. For further information or to sign up, please call 01453 826990 or email