Sam's Story

“Authority has always been an issue for me which has led to many of my problems in life. Whether it was staying up late or playing video games, I always seemed to rebel against those in leadership or guardian roles. This made life at home with my parents very difficult. I was introduced to YG who promised an opportunity to develop the skills I was lacking so I figured I might as well give it a go. After all, I thought it might keep people happy for a while.

“The staff at YG were different from college and school. They treated everyone as equals and supported us to become leaders. This was a unique experience for me as I had always had negative opinions over “leaders”. Working with people who were either like-minded or at least understood the reasoning behind my actions helped me realise a more positive outlook on the world. My behaviour started to improve and so did things with my parents. YG gave me loads of good experiences from CV writing to work placements. It helped me grow as a person. I was able to see real change in things I thought couldn’t be improved.

“Since working with YG I have got a job as an Apprentice Infrastructure Technician for the NHS. I have also moved out of my parent’s house. It wasn’t an easy situation but living independently has improved many things including my relationship with my parents. YG helped me start my career – it gave me a chance to meet people and gain valuable skills and experience. Now I hope to continue to build my career in IT and I am really excited to work for the NHS.”