Gemma's Story

"I have recently finished a course of counselling with Tic+ counsellors, and I just wanted to say how helpful this has been for me. I've had many courses of counselling and various other therapies over the years, but this time has been the most helpful experience of therapy I have ever had. The staff were kind and compassionate, listened to me, and helped support me to improve relationships in my life causing me distress and to work on managing my emotions better. I also want to say that in my experience, Tic+ have been so well organised right from the start of my experience. From referring myself to the service by talking to the online reception, to being assessed by a wonderful practitioner (again, after having lots of experiences with mental health assessments via nurses, counsellors, doctors etc, this was the most positive experience of assessment I have ever had as I felt like I had truly been listened to and understood), to the short waiting time between assessment and my first counselling appointment, to my actual counselling via Zoom itself, everything has been so well orchestrated and helpful for me. After lots of struggles with different services over the years, Tic+ were a complete breath of fresh air! In such a short time, I have already made some great steps in transforming my life. I have gone from self-harming and suicidal to coping so much better. Thank you so much for providing such an important service.”