Drop-ins are usually held at a set time and place. They usually happen somewhere public, like a shop or a café.

They’re friendly, open spaces where you can go if you need some quiet time, to talk to someone, or if you just want to be around other people.

What drop-ins are used for

Drop-ins are usually run by a team of staff or volunteers who can help you with practical problems, emotional challenges and mental health issues.

Staff at drop-ins don’t offer treatment or therapy, but they can help you understand your options for getting support, if that’s what you need.

If you don’t feel comfortable talking about what’s going on for you, it’s also OK to go to a drop-in for some quiet time and distraction - most drop-ins have quiet areas and activities.

What it’s like to go to a drop-in

Drop-ins are informal, set up so you can come and go as you please. Drop-ins are run by staff and volunteers who are on hand to help you if you need.

If you do want to talk to someone, a drop-in team can support you with practical problems, like homelessness, finding work or needing food. They can also help if you’re struggling with your mental health and you need someone to listen.

Drop-ins also usually include quiet areas, and activities where you can relax and put your problems aside for a while, if you want to.

The Cavern has a range of games consoles, board games and arcade machines. They also sometimes have open mic nights where local artists come and play live music.

At The Link you’ll find sofas, big round tables, computers to access the Internet, job papers and free cups of tea.

How to go to a drop-in

You don’t need an appointment to go to a drop-in, you can go anytime you like within their opening hours.

2 of the main drop-ins in Gloucestershire are The Link and The Cavern.

The Cavern

Drop-ins at The Cavern in Gloucester are from Monday to Saturday, 10am to 11pm and Sunday, 4pm to 11pm, every day of the year. They’re for anyone of any age.

There’s also a dedicated mental health drop-in at The Cavern for over 18s from 6pm to 11pm every evening.

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